Inspiration Lakeview Update (former OPG Land) June 5

2014 Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan

Developer, Lakeview Community Partners (LCP) will provide a presentation of their newly proposed Development Master Plan for the Lakeview Lands (formerly OPG Land) on June 5, 2019 at the Small Arms Inspection Building. Doors open at 6:00pm, presentation start 6:30pm. Registration link

The Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan was previously developed by the City of Mississauga in 2014 through extensive community consultation see Lakeview Sessions, and originated through the Lakeview Ratepayers Legacy Project

Following the purchase of OPG Lands by developer, Lakeview Community Partners in March 2018, a draft proposal Development Master Plan was submitted by LCP to City Planning in October 2018.

In March 2019, further to previous LCP community meetings in April, September and October 2018, Sasaki Associates, a Boston-based company, was selected to rework and improve the Plan. June 5th will be the unveiling and presentation of the new LCP proposal. See New Plan

New Sasaki layout of site showing the reintroduced Green Corridor
(now Ogden Park) and reworked Lakeview Village Cultural Area
Inspiration Lakeview (5200 units) – Official Plan Amendment (6800 units)
LCP Proposed Master Plan Oct 2018 (8000 units)
LCP new Proposed Master Plan June 2019 (9700 units)

Please attend and provide your comments after the presentation to the Councillor and City Staff who will be available with LCP and Sasaki for any questions

Innovation Corridor Study

In October 2008 the City of Mississauga retained Deloitte, along with Urban Strategies, KerrSmith Design and Lord Cultural Resources to undertake the development of the Inspiration Lakeview Innovation Corridor Feasibility Study. Market Analysis and Economic Feasibility Study for the development of the Innovation Corridor as part of implementing the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan vision. The study will provide recommendations and a strategy to assist the City and local stakeholders to attract new employment and potential institutional uses to the Innovation Corridor. The study area consists of the Serson Place Innovation Corridor and the Serson Campus as identified in the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan, as well as the Small Arms Inspection Building. The study team will be seeking input from key community stakeholders in Mississauga and the broader economic region to help with the study analysis.