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Welcome to the official website of the Lakeview Ratepayers’ Association!

The Lakeview Ratepayers’ Association (LRA) is the municipally recognized residents’ association for the community of Lakeview in southeast Mississauga. The boundaries of the LRA stretch north to Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), south to Lake Ontario, east to Dixie Road and Etobicoke Creek and west to Cawthra Road and the Adamson Estate.

Our objective is to promote and further the interests of the residents of Lakeview through participation in municipal, provincial and federal initiatives impacting residents. Our focus is on putting people first and providing a voice to and from the community in matters of local development, education and transportation.

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We are affiliated with the City of Mississauga and thank the City for the Community Group Registry benefits


Lakeview has a rich source of history and pride, dating back to its roots when the land was occupied by an alliance of Iroquoian speaking people, and prior to the first historical contacts in the 1600’s between First Nations and Europeans in the area. As land became settled by Europeans and farmed, it became an agricultural community.

The first school house built in the Lakeview-Port Credit area was built in 1833, halfway between the Etobicoke Creek and the Credit River, the school serviced both communities. The school was built on land donated by a local landowner (John Cawthra, Jnr (1789 – 1851). Located at the south side of Lakeshore Road East, at the south end of of Shaw Drive, the former school site is now part of the Lakeshore Plaza parking lot. 

From indigenous beginnings to European settlers, Lakeview moved into the military era with the first aerodrome in Canada and the Small Arms Building manufacturing armaments during WW2, through the efforts of Canadian women who moved to the area from across Canada. The first mass employment of women in Canadian history.

In 1953 Ontario Power Generation built the Lakeview Generating station, a coal fired power plant that stood on the waterfront for over 50 years.

As we move forward from our indigenous beginnings, to agricultural community, through the years of military production and providing decades of power to the region, we have evolved and move towards the urbanization of Lakeview.

Today, Lakeview certainly carries its fair share of the weight for residents of Mississauga.  The GE Booth (Lakeview) Wastewater Treatment Facility processes 70 per cent of our region’s wastewater, while the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant supplies two-thirds of Peel’s drinking water and another 40 per cent to York Region, earning Peel Region millions of dollars in revenue.

For years, Lakeview has fought diligently to promote smart development and smart growth, culminating in the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan that will see new business, retail stores, waterfront public spaces and facilities together with mid-rise residential development come to the community. In 2005, former LRA President Jim Tovey and Professor John Danahy started a discussion around the kitchen table of how the OPG Land and former Lakeview Generating Station Lands could be something more than utility land in the future. In 2008, after 3 years of workshops and visioning sessions with the community, Jim and John took the Vision to the City of Mississauga and Council unanimously approved that City staff move ahead to develop a plan for a new mixed use development.

Lakeview residents support well planned development that celebrates our unique location on the waterfront, ensuring we are mindful of sky views and building at human scale, putting the health and well being of people first. We are pro-smart growth, and proponents of a more visionary style planning policy with appropriate heights stepping back from the lakefront and Lakeshore Road promoting public transit throughout our community and pedestrianization where possible. Active living

Lakeview has supported the city as it diligently promotes smart planning and the primacy of municipal planning over LPAT (OMB) appeals. In Sept 2015 the Mississauga Official Plan (MOP) was amended to include the Lakeview Local Area Plan (linked below).This Plan followed years of community consultation through the Lakeview Advisory Panel (made up of City Staff, Councillor & Community) working together to put in place the policies and guidelines for Lakeview. http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/pb/main/2015/ATTACHMENT1LakeviewLoca.pdf