Lakeview Ratepayers Association – Annual General Meeting – Thurs October 29 7:00pm

To our Membership:

Its that time! Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday October 29th at 7:00pm. Unfortunately due to the  current Covid-10 situation, we will be holding this years AGM online through a Zoom call. This is not our preferred option for holding the event, however we feel that the health and safety of our residents is paramount at this time.

We therefore ask that our members register through the link below to gain access to the meeting. To liven things up, we will be include some short presentations and update information to the community.

We do hope you can join us! If you have any questions or require assistance with registering, please contact

Are you interested in joining our Board or being part of a Committee? We always enjoy having the extra help or seeing new faces getting involved in the Board and our community. Please send your details including name, email, phone number and why interested in joining the Board to the email address above before Thursday October 15th

Zoom Link details to our AGM – Please register in advance to receive login information. Thank you!

Friday Night Concert Series with Local Musicians at Mississauga’s Lakeview Village

Lakeview Community Partners Limited is lending the Lakeview Village site to a new Friday night concert series, hosted by LiveMag. Six series in total, the events will begin on September 11th and run each Friday night through September and October featuring local musicians.

Dates: September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9 & 16 All concerts will be held from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm in two 45-minute sets

Concerts will take place at the Lakeview Village site, 800 Hydro Road,  at the Lakeview Village sunflower container at the main gate. Free Parking

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs & maintain six-foot physical distancing. Hosts will greet attendees to check in & provide contact information for COVID contact tracing.

The events will support local artists, a group that has been deeply impacted by the pandemic’s restrictions, while creating a delightful evening for community spectators, adjacent to the Lakeview Village sunflower field.

Lakeview Lands – Statutory Public Meeting – developer presenting to Planning & Development Committee – September 21st @ 6:00pm

Lakeview Lands (former OPG) and future Lakeview Village
Monday September 21st, at 6:00pm City Hall & Online  Public Statutory Meeting 

Applicant: Lakeview Community Partners will submit their application to the Planning & Development Committee at City Hall.

Location at former OPG Land – Rendering of built form proposal

The Lakeview Community Advisory Panel through the Lakeview Ratepayers Association has worked tirelessly on this file over numerous years, to gain the best result for the community of Lakeview, and citizens of Mississauga. Since 2005 the Lakeview Legacy Project provided the initial vision of a sustainable, walkable and artistic community hub on a former brownfields waterfront site that has not been accessible to the public for over 120 years. 

The City website provides a record of community engagement and consultation from Lakeview Legacy to 2014 Master Plan and various plans provided by Lakeview Community Partners. Follow LINK for the history of Inspiration Lakeview Past Events & Master Plan updates.

At the forefront of our discussions with City Planning, developer, LCP and Sasaki, urban planners has been the significance of the waterfront park as deeded to the City of Mississauga and its residents. In addition, keeping density in line with the Lakeshore Road infrastructure, allowing for pedestrian first and bike mobility, while encouraging a walkable neighborhood for all. The original concept included searching for the best in sustainability, with the development providing out of the box thinking on one of the last pieces of undeveloped Mississauga/GTA waterfront.

The mid-rise development vision allowed for affordable housing, artist hub, the village heart for Lakeview, a world class destination, and role model in sustainable development. As a community we have expected and asked for the very best in planning for the existing and future Lakeview residents, not just for today but the next 100 years. 

Many of you will have provided input into this vision and should continue to do so. The Lakeview Panel met with Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Councillor Stephen Dasko in October 2019 and made a request that the City negotiate the following

  • That the 24-storey building in the southwest corner of the Marina District in the front row be lowered to 12 storeys to enhance the waterfront and park experience and provide a consistent design approach to the waterfront edge; and
  • That the units be redistributed to other buildings to conform to height permissions in the Official Plan Amendment (OPA)

This adjustment to the current proposal would allow for a more open and protected space at the waterfront, this area will be used by all Mississauga residents. Given the significance of green space and its usage during these last six months of COVID, we strongly suggest that this is taken into consideration. In addition, the importance of the road between waterfront and residences be left as a permanent ‘quiet street’. This has been noted both regionally and globally to contribute to the well-being of residents.

We ask that you contact the Planning Department and make the above request directly to the City Planner, David Breveglieri, copying in Councillor Dasko. In addition we believe it is imperative for residents to understand and take interest in the impact on the Lakeshore Road corridor and evolving mobility issues.

More information will follow with respect to establishing the Lakeshore Corridor as a tree lined linear Heritage Park including an BRT and bike way on the south side of Lakeshore Road flanking and servicing the medium density south of Lakeshore in the Lakeview Core and linking Lakeview’s existing neighborhoods to the waterfront, core community services, with the revitalized commercial and employment zone.
We question: when should we expect this conversation? Is there a plan? How can we accept density and new development without this infrastructure in place? Please refer to the
Lakeview Legacy Document  prepared by Lakeview Ratepayers Association & The Centre of Landscape Research, UofT back in 2010

Applicants Proposal for the Lakeview Lands:
To change the official plan, zoning and to approve a plan of subdivision to permit a mixed-use and multi‑phase project that will create a waterfront community of 8,050 residential units (townhouse, mid‑rise and high‑rise), parks, institutional, cultural, employment, and commercial uses.

This meeting will be held in person and online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the public are encouraged to participate online. Advance registration is required to attend the meeting in person due to limited seating.  The proceedings will be streamed live online for the public to view at the following link:  If you wish to phone in to listen to the meeting only, please call 905-615-3200, ext. 5423 for instructions.

Purpose of Meeting:
·   For the applicant to present the proposal
·   For people to ask questions and share their views about the proposal
·   For Planning & Development Committee to receive a report that provides information on the project from the City Planning Department
The report will be available on-line one week prior to the meeting at:

For detailed information contact:
City Planner David Breveglieri at 905‑615-3200 ext. 5551 or
Councillor Stephen Dasko

958-960 East Ave (former Byngmount School /Brownstones)

Official Plan Change & Rezoning Submission

Submission by Region of Peel for new development – 151 Affordable Units
Location of Development – Lakeshore/East Av (former Brownstone & Byngmount School

In April 2014, Cllr Tovey held a charrette to receive ideas from the community on how the redevelopment of affordable housing at East Avenue location (Owned by the Region of Peel) would integrate best within the community. The response was a mixed use building (seniors affordable development) that would include retail space at the ground level and garden space for the residents of the building in the green space at the back with no through traffic but walkable integration between the neighborhoods.

The community wished to ensure these new residents (seniors affordable units) would be integrated with the Lakeside community to the west & the Lakeshore pedestrian orientated corridor. The Lakeview Legacy document captures the idea in point 10 (page 7) when referring to the ’10 guiding design principles’ of the Citizens Visioning Plan. (excerpt below)

Establish the Lakeshore Corridor as a tree lined linear Heritage Park including an LRT and bikeway on the south side of Lakeshore Road flanking and servicing the medium density south of Lakeshore in the Lakeview Core (strategy 6) and linking Lakeview’s existing neighborhoods to the waterfront, core community services, revitalized commercial and employment zone.

See news articles written at the time Mississauga News and 

The current affordable building development proposal under review and requiring an official plan & zoning change, does not include the above items or allow the stepping back from 2-4 stories along Lakeshore Road, nor does it take into consideration the LAP policy, the future transportation plans or Linear Heritage Park along the Lakeshore Corridor.

In addition, here lies a perfect opportunity to increase the number of units by extending the building from Lakeshore Road and further south along East Avenue, maintaining the ‘L’ shape of the building but stepping back from Lakeshore Road. Ultimately, this will blend the development at this location, with the new community development of Rangeview and Lakeview Village, integrating with the east side of East Avenue as it develops. The unique idea was to extend the building and add additional units over the top of the paramedic station (also owned by the Region) not unusual elsewhere in the world, and achieving more desperately needed housing. Note: The Region owns the former Byngmount School property directly adjacent.

Affordable housing is welcome and has been encouraged on this site by the community.  The focus should align with the city strategic plan; completing our neighborhoods through developing walkable, connected neighbourhoods, while building vibrant communities and nurturing ‘villages’.

Further discussions are taking place between between the Region of Peel, Councillor Dasko, local residents, and the Lakeview Ratepayers Association.

Additional reading documents:
Peel Region Agenda Sept 2017  Peel Housing Report – start on page 3


Lakeview Community Partners Limited and Artscape Atelier are thrilled to announce the 19 local artists selected to animate the site at Lakeview Village, including 14 muralists, 2 visual artists, 1 sculpturist, 1 painter and 1 poet.

Five Mississauga artists were selected including one Lakeview artist, Lynn Taylor.

Artists will produce a range of artworks using different mediums to tell their story on the Lakeview Village site and within the sunflower fields. Lakeview Village will be a hub for arts and culture, creating opportunities and platforms for artists today and for the future.
Lakeview Community Partners Limited looks forward to welcoming community members and visitors to the Lakeview Village site to celebrate and experience the art of placemaking this summer in a safe manner as COVID-19 health and social distancing measures permit.

Call for Artists

Lakeview Community Partners in partnership with Artscape Atelier
have recently released a call for paid opportunities for 17 artists on 4 distinct works associated with the Lakeview site. Work/opportunities are being offered to local artists providing art for the Lakeview Community. Arts and culture will play a large role in society’s healing and recovery coming out of this crisis. Please see attached document providing a summary of the art projects being advanced that will centre around the construction hoarding associated with the Discovery Centre and this years sunflower fields.

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Lakeview Lands Development – Community Meeting Hosted by Councillor Dasko Thurs Feb 27th @ 6:30pm-8:30pm

Inspiration Lakeview…
We are the first community in north america to initiate a visioning process known as the Lakeview Legacy Project.

In 2010 our community worked with the City to start the process of making the vision for revitalization a reality. Fast forward 10 years… 2020

Come out to Councillor Dasko’s Community meeting on Thursday Feb 27th at Mississauga Seniors Centre 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and hear more information regarding the former OPG Lands site as it moves forward into the next stage of development.

Check the City website for the history on the community consultation starting with the kick off event back in 2010.

Bring your voice to Thursdays meeting, we look forward to seeing you there. Check out comments from our previous post for more details