Lakeview Linear Heritage Park – human scale planning

Local residents have been working beyond the recent City run Lakeview East Corridor Study through workshops on a vision that includes place making, public realm, heritage, walkability, parks, and how they work with public transit, height, density & growth, sustainability & parkland. Building a complete community, while taking all factors into consideration.

We would like to reintroduce & reinforce the original Lakeview Legacy vision of a Lakeview Linear Heritage Park along the Lakeshore Corridor. Using our existing heritage landscape to create a human scale main street. Please see below for recent images provided by Professor John Danahy.

Lakeview Linear Heritage Park – maintaining existing green space frontage along Lakeshore Road East
East Avenue (west building – red) to Small Arms (east) showing the Lakeview Linear Heritage Park & proposed BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line proposed for future transit

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Lakeshore Road Corridor Layering Model´╗┐

The three sister communities of Lakeview, Port Credit, and Clarkson each share a common connecting road. Together our communities have created a new model for development along a complex roadway. This concept posits that there are seven ways to view a road. The more complex the road, the more of the seven descriptive layers need be addressed in order to better understand the complex nature of the road usage. Some roads are described mainly according to a few of the layers, but complex roads like Lakeshore need to be considered from at least seven perspectives (layers).

  • Engagement and Policy layer
  • Waterfront Corridor
  • Green Corridor
  • Transportation Corridor
  • Neighbourhood Corridor
  • Cultural/Heritage Corridor
  • Economic Corridor
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