Community Meeting: 958-960 East Avenue -Dec 2 @ 6:30pm

Community Meeting (virtual) provided by Councillor Stephen Dasko
958-960 East Avenue File:0Z20/005
Wednesday December 2nd – 6:30pm  WEBEX LINK
Meeting number (access code): 172 960 9925
Meeting password: ward1 (92731 from video systems)
Plan to attend and have your say in development along Lakeshore Corridor
Developer is asking for a height amendment to the Lakeview Local Area Plan (each current development demands more height) setting precedent for future development. In the last few months, numerous submissions have been received by the City for increased height along the Lakeshore Corridor. Your voice counts!

LINK to Lakeview Ratepayers Fact Sheet

Community Feedback:
* Any height above 2- 4-storeys at Lakeshore Road should be stepped back (terraced) before any further height consideration
* Original ‘L’ shaped building change has impacted the development with land swopping
* No through traffic access through the existing stable community at Byngmount Avenue
* Process: original 2014 engagement was well done, however no further engagement since and previous community input has been put aside
* Ground floor space needs to integrate with the existing Lakeview community (community kitchen to be considered)
* Green space opportunity to tie in new residents with community through parkette/community garden
* Better architectural design to the building
* Balconies should be included and rooftop space for greenery options
* Lakeshore Corridor study needs to take place, prior to considering these projects

In April 2014, former Councillor Jim Tovey held a charrette to receive ideas from the community on how the redevelopment of affordable housing at the East Avenue location (Owned by Peel Housing Corp) would integrate best within the community. The response was a mixed use building that would include retail space at the ground level and garden space for the residents of the building. Green space at the rear of the building with no through traffic to the existing stable neighbourhood at Bygmount Avenue, however maintaining walkable integration between the neighborhoods.

The community wished to ensure residents (seniors affordable units) integrated with the Lakeside community to the west & the Lakeshore pedestrian orientated corridor. The Lakeview Legacy document captures the idea in point 10 (page 7) when referring to the ’10 guiding design principles’ of the Citizens Visioning Plan.

Establish the Lakeshore Corridor as a tree lined linear Heritage Park including an LRT and bikeway on the south side of Lakeshore Road flanking and servicing the medium density south of Lakeshore in the Lakeview Core (strategy 6) and linking Lakeview’s existing neighborhoods to the waterfront, core community services, revitalized commercial and employment zone

See news article written at the time 
Mississauga News

The current affordable building development proposal under review and requiring an official plan & zoning change, does not include the above items or allow the stepping back from 2-4 stories along Lakeshore Road, nor does it take into consideration the LAP policy, the future transportation plans or Linear Heritage Park along the Lakeshore Corridor.

In addition, here lies a perfect opportunity to increase the number of units by extending the building from Lakeshore Road and further south along East Avenue, maintaining the ‘L’ shape of the building but stepping back from Lakeshore Road. Ultimately, this will blend the development at this location, with the new community development of Rangeview and Lakeview Village, integrating with the east side of East Avenue as it develops. The unique idea was to extend the building and add additional units over the top of the paramedic station (also owned by the Region) not unusual, and achieving more desperately needed housing.

Note: The Region owns the former Byngmount School property directly adjacent.

Affordable housing is welcome and has been encouraged on this site by the community.  The focus should align with the city strategic plan; completing our neighborhoods through developing walkable, connected neighbourhoods, while building vibrant communities and nurturing ‘villages’.

Additional reading documents:
Peel Region Agenda Sept 2017  Peel Housing Report – start on page 30 

Amendments have been requested to the Official Plan and the Lakeview Local Area Plan to provide 151 affordable housing units. New rental units will replace the 30 units and add an additional 30 units that will be subsidized (60 units based on a subsidized 60% AMR) plus an additional 90 units based on regular priced AMR (Average Market Rent). The 2016 estimate to build was $45million.