Specific Projects

QEW and Dixie Road overpass from Cawthra to the East mall


OPG Lands Sold

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced the sale of its 177-acre site, located east of Cawthra Rd., south of Lakeshore Rd. East, in a news release issued March 20. The consortium, known as Lakeview Community Partners Limited, purchased the property for $275 million and will begin the transformative work of redeveloping the former industrial land into a vibrant, mixed-use community.


Lakeshore Connecting Communities


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Mississauga Light Rail coming 

As the largest infrastructure project in Mississauga’s history, the Hurontario Light Rail Transit (HuLRT) will bring approximately 20 kilometres of reliable, rapid transit to Mississauga and Brampton. It will change the way people connect and move across our vibrant neighbourhoods.

In 2016, the City partnered with Metrolinx to identify key HuLRT stop locations and began work on their design.

These stops will become key community spaces along the Hurontario corridor. They will help travelers experience and enjoy our diverse neighbourhoods as they travel between destinations in Mississauga.

Moving forward, the project team will present the bidding teams with design parameters of the stops and surrounding public areas.

For more information, visit www.metrolinx.com