Lakeview Linear Heritage Park – human scale planning

Local residents have been working beyond the recent City run Lakeview East Corridor Study through workshops on a vision that includes place making, public realm, heritage, walkability, parks, and how they work with public transit, height, density & growth, sustainability & parkland. Building a complete community, while taking all factors into consideration.

We would like to reintroduce & reinforce the original Lakeview Legacy vision of a Lakeview Linear Heritage Park along the Lakeshore Corridor. Using our existing heritage landscape to create a human scale main street. Please see below for recent images provided by Professor John Danahy.

Lakeview Linear Heritage Park – maintaining existing green space frontage along Lakeshore Road East
East Avenue (west building – red) to Small Arms (east) showing the Lakeview Linear Heritage Park & proposed BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line proposed for future transit

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