Lakeview Community Partners Limited and Artscape Atelier are thrilled to announce the 19 local artists selected to animate the site at Lakeview Village, including 14 muralists, 2 visual artists, 1 sculpturist, 1 painter and 1 poet.

Five Mississauga artists were selected including one Lakeview artist, Lynn Taylor.

Artists will produce a range of artworks using different mediums to tell their story on the Lakeview Village site and within the sunflower fields. Lakeview Village will be a hub for arts and culture, creating opportunities and platforms for artists today and for the future.
Lakeview Community Partners Limited looks forward to welcoming community members and visitors to the Lakeview Village site to celebrate and experience the art of placemaking this summer in a safe manner as COVID-19 health and social distancing measures permit.

Call for Artists

Lakeview Community Partners in partnership with Artscape Atelier
have recently released a call for paid opportunities for 17 artists on 4 distinct works associated with the Lakeview site. Work/opportunities are being offered to local artists providing art for the Lakeview Community. Arts and culture will play a large role in society’s healing and recovery coming out of this crisis. Please see attached document providing a summary of the art projects being advanced that will centre around the construction hoarding associated with the Discovery Centre and this years sunflower fields.

Call For Artists – Friday April 24 – 1:00pm – On Line





Are you a local artist or know someone locally who would like to provide an proposal for artwork. Please attend the online info session TOMORROW Friday April 24 at 1pm. Follow the link below for more details:

LArtscape Atelier, together with Lakeview Community Partners Limited, is excited to announce a Call for Artists to submit proposals for over $100,000 in paid work opportunities to create three distinct artworks for Lakeview Village, a vibrant new mixed-use community on Mississauga’s waterfront. These include:

1. Construction Hoarding Illustration

Online Information Session: April 24 at 1pm EST Deadline: April 29, 2020

2. Interactive Sculpture/Installation
Online Information Session: April 27 at 1pm EST Deadline: May 8, 2020

3. Sunflower Lane Mural Wall Series
Deadline: May 8, 2020

Artists can submit their proposal(s) online by following the link below.

Artscape Information

These calls for submissions are open to all artists based in the Mississauga and Greater Toronto region, as well as within the Artscape community.


Lakeview Lands Development – Community Meeting Hosted by Councillor Dasko Thurs Feb 27 @ 6:30pm-8:30pm

Councillor Stephen Dasko will be holding a Community Meeting with respect to the Lakeview Lands (former OPG land) on Thursday February 27th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Mississauga Seniors Centre, Olga Tyne Room, 1389 Cawthra Road. (LINK to postal walk flyer)

The meeting will provide information from City Planning staff regarding the Official Plan Amendment and ongoing applications submitted by developer LCP, Lakeview Community Partners.

Plan to attend and please bring your questions!

On October 28th, 2019, Council voted to accept the LCP submitted Development Master Plan version 4.0 LINK HERE

Following fourteen months of ongoing dialogue by LCAP (Lakeview Community Advisory Panel) (The “Panel”) working under the Lakeview Ratepayers Association, the following two recommendations were made to Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Councillor Dasko at a meeting on October 21, 2019, prior to the Council decision:

  1. More information should be provided to the community by City staff regarding
    • the development process
    • the waterfront parkland
  2. Recommendation that the 24-storey building at the waterfront be reduced to 12-storeys (as per attached Fig 2 IMAGE below)
Fig 1 – Current Master Plan approval
Fig 2 – Recommended redistribution of  24-storey
Between August 2018 and October 2019, the “Panel” provided feedback from residents to Planning Staff, Developer LCP (Lakeview Community Partners), Sasaki (their consultants) and Councillor Dasko. The “Panel” concluded that the Master Plan was deficient in several very significant areas (listed below)

Due to the importance and scope of the issues left unaddressed by the Master Plan process, the “Panel” recommended that a very robust community engagement process with multiple public meetings run by city staff be undertaken concerning:

  1. Proposed density of 8,026 units. This number does not include the Rangeview area (that will fall under its own Master Plan).
  2. Building height profiles and location. Exploring the height and design quality of the buildings, particularly around buildings overlooking the waterfront.
  3. The capacity of current and future infrastructure (e.g., roads, traffic, parking, transit, sewers) to support this new development and the existing community.
  4. Parkland experience and design, including incorporating an indigenous village and cultural learning centre as part of the reconciliation process, and developing the idea of a distinct and unique destination as a key goal.
  5. The amenities (e.g., community programming and centres, senior facilities, affordable housing) that the City plans to provide as a result of approving this development.
  6. The diversity and percentage of floor area allocated to various mixed uses (e.g., commercial, institutional, residential, retail, recreational, employment) to ensure that the development is a complete neighbourhood – where residents can live, work and play without venturing outside the development for every day necessities – rather than an isolated bedroom community.
  7. How the City of Mississauga’s Climate Emergency declared on June 24, 2019 has been considered in the interpretation of the Development Master Plan and how it will impact the OPA, zoning and other city requirements in the future.

A community meeting will be held by City Parks staff in March that will speak directly to the waterfront parkland space

Should you have any questions prior to the Feb 27th meeting regarding the application, please contact David Breveglieri, Development Planner at 905-615-3200 ext. 5551 or by email at

Lakeview Lands Development – Community Meeting Hosted by Councillor Dasko Thurs Feb 27th @ 6:30pm-8:30pm

Inspiration Lakeview…
We are the first community in north america to initiate a visioning process known as the Lakeview Legacy Project.

In 2010 our community worked with the City to start the process of making the vision for revitalization a reality. Fast forward 10 years… 2020

Come out to Councillor Dasko’s Community meeting on Thursday Feb 27th at Mississauga Seniors Centre 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and hear more information regarding the former OPG Lands site as it moves forward into the next stage of development.

Check the City website for the history on the community consultation starting with the kick off event back in 2010.

Bring your voice to Thursdays meeting, we look forward to seeing you there. Check out comments from our previous post for more details

How Much Noise is Too Much Noise? Have your say on how noise is regulated in Mississauga – Tonight at 6:00pm

Personal Invitation to attend Noise By-law Review 
This is your personal invitation to attend a consultation session being hosted by Councillor Stephen Dasko along with the Transportation & Works Department, City of Mississauga on Wednesday, January 22 at 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Clarke Hall, 161 Lakeshore Rd W.
How Much Noise is Too Much Noise? Have your say on how noise is regulated in Mississauga
See Press Release information HERE
There is an online survey available, we suggest that you complete a short survey for comments that may be concerning you. Please CLICK HERE

This will provide you an opportunity to participate in an open discussions; hearing from the Representatives from Compliance and Licensing Enforcement.  A facilitated world cafe discussion will following with the assistance of the Facilitator,  Ms. Karyn Stock-MacDonald.  We will also hear from Mr. Sam Rogers, the Director of Enforcement for the City of Mississauga.
Councillor Dakso looks forward to seeing and most importantly hearing from you on your concerns.