Hydro Corridor – Multi Use – Off Road Trail #20 – community meeting – August 10 – 6:30pm

On July 6th, City staff and Councillor Dasko invited local residents bordering on the Hydro Corridor in Lakeview to meet to discuss a project that will provide a new off road trail within the Hydro One corridor. The trail is approximately 1 km long and will extend from South Service Road to Atwater Avenue. The corridor is located west of Dixie. Road and will provide a Multi Use, Off Road Trail #20 (name to be determined at a later date) A larger meeting will be held on August 10th, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, you are welcome to attend to provide input by registering at LINK

Hydro One is allowing use of the land under a short lease arrangement and there are a number of tight stipulations, including the requirement for a set back from the hydro towers, that will remain in place. If you would like to learn more about this multi-use trail, please follow the Project Page Link for information.

Comments will be received by staff, however the design, of the trail will remain as proposed, no additional landscaping is allowed with due to the terms of the lease. Comments have been provided with respect to speed of bikes on the path and ensuring the path is safe for both pedestrian and bike traffic. It was suggested by the Association that there speed limits be posted and enforced, plus a separate lane for bike and pedestrian users.

Please see below site details.

South Service Road to Brooks Drive

Brooks Drive to Halliday Avenue

Atwater Avenue to Halliday Avenue